EB-5 Program:
US Permanent Residency/Green Cards

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The United States EB-5 visa provides a method for eligible Immigrant Investors to become lawful permanent residents informally known as “green card” holders.

  • In 1990 the US Congress created EB-5 to stimulate economic growth and to attract overseas investors.
  • EB-5 Program allows overseas investors that loan/invest $800,000 for the period of 5 years to become American citizens.
  • After securing green cards visa holders can live, work and study all over the USA.
  • The visa can be obtained by the investor as well as his or her life partner and unnmaried children under 21 years of age.

What is
the EB-5 Program:

The benefits of EB-5 Program for you and your family:

No travel restrictions - live and work anywhere in the USA.

You and your family will be able to start a business, retire or go to school.

No language or technical skills required for the EB-5 Program.

Vere Prague & CTP present

Introduction of the EB-5 Program

In this video, the structure and history of the EB-5 Program is explained by Kirk Eicholtz, CEO of Christian Tyler Properties 

Christian Tyler Properties, LLC (“CTP”) is a privately held, full service real estate development, acquisition, investment, and management company based in Tampa, Florida.

CTP has successfully funded over US $375.0 million in approximately thirty-four (34) EB-5 Projects enabling over 800 applicants to obtain Green Cards.

The EB-5 legislation was amended in March 2022 and the investment amount was raised from $500,000 to $800,000.